A comical side of the ‘Believer’s’

Believer’s are Obama supporters who with NO tangible evidence about Barack Obama aka Barry Soetoro aka ?, but they still believe him, nothing about him, his past, or ant of his claims has been substantiated or proved.
Both of his books by Obama’s own words can NOT be taken literally. They are nothing more then a facade, a mask of the true background and nature of Barack Obama, created to produce the Obama effect on whomever wants to believe in unicorns, forest fairies, bigfoot, UFOs and alternative realities.
Like a flying saucer, people claimed to have seen his REAL Birth Certification, but it has never seen the light of day. It remains hidden like Area 51, sealed to the public.We know it’s there, but you can’t see it. But like all the faked UFO pictures over the years, his COLB is nothing more then that. So continue to ‘belive’ in that facade that manifests in your own reality.


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